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Bionic Woman Episode Guide, Quotes, Photos & More from “Do Not Disturb”

Rest in peace, Antonio Pope.

The latest Bionic Woman episode began with a toast to the late mentor, and then sprung into action that involved a lot of Jaime and Becca.

We’ve posted a full recap on the site, complete with Bionic Woman pictures and quotes. Check them out now.

Then, head over to our forum and discuss the series with other fans and critics. How would you fix it?

Making a Save

Discuss “Do Not Disturb” in Our Bionic Woman Forum!

Bionic Woman returns tonight.

The episode is titled “Do Not Disturb” and it looks to be action-packed.

Come back after the hour ends for a full recap - but talk about the series now in our Bionic Woman forum. We’ll meet you there!


Katee Sackhoff: Done with Bionic Woman?

One of the best reasons to watch Bionic Woman may be on her way out, according to a report from a recent convention.

Here is what the blog post said about Katee Sackhoff and the character of Sarah Corvus:

Katee Sackhoff is done with Bionic Woman, and not just because of the strike. She has a meeting with one of the producers after Thanksgiving, but does not expect to return to the show even if it does resume production (which I don’t personally believe will happen anyway). She is even already trying to divorce herself from being associated with Sarah Corvus.

Sarah Corvus Pic

Katee never came out and explicitly stated the reason for her departure from the show, but her thinly veiled sassy comments made it pretty apparent that there isn’t a lot of love going on between her and Michelle Ryan.

She will be spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend and his family in Mexico and has no plans to work until at least after the holidays.

Episode 4.11 is the last episode they filmed before shutting down on Friday, and Katee said it could serve as a SERIES finale…if necessary…but she personally believes the strike will be resolved no later than January and they will resume filming soon after.”

Bionic Woman Preview: Do Not Disturb

This week, on a new episode of Bionic Woman…

Jaime’s much-needed vacation with her sister at a spa resort is quickly disrupted when she is pulled into a deadly cat and mouse game with another hotel guest. 

Bionic Woman Episode Guide, Quotes, Photos & More from “Trust Issues”

A solid episode of Bionic Woman may have taken Antonio Pope from us, but it also restored out faith that this show could have a bright future.

Did you miss “Trust Issues?” Catch up now with our detailed recap. It’s full of quotes and pictures from the episode.

Also, head over to the Bionic Woman forum and talk about the series with other fans. Who is your favorite character? What should happen next? Let us know your thoughts!

Making the Save

Discuss “Trust Issues” in Our Bionic Woman Forum!

A new episode of Bionic Woman airs tonight.

We’ll publish a full recap of it soon after the show airs, complete with Bionic Woman pictures and quotes.

For now, though, talk about your favorite characters, events and questions in our forum. We’ll see you there!


An Interview with Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff  Katee Sackhoff is a busy, busy woman.

But the actress found time to answer a few questions from the UK’s Metro newspaper…

Q: You’re filming Bionic Woman and Battlestar Galactica at the same time. Are you worn out?
A: I am and I’ve got a cold. Both are filmed in Vancouver so there’s a little bit of running between the sets. They wanted to make me a regular character in Bionic Woman but you can’t be contracted to two shows at the same time.

I appear in half the episodes. I’m the villain. It’s quite fun. I do a lot of scheming and a lot of trying to kill the Bionic Woman [played by Michelle Ryan].

Q: Has Michelle become particularly ‘bionic’ since she left EastEnders?
A: She’s doing really well. She’s at the gym training every day. She worked her butt off to get into the physical condition that she’s in now. They won’t pay for me to go to the gym. I’ve got to do it on my own. I did weights for the first year of Battlestar but I got bored, so I just run now.

They usually teach me the fight routines on the set of Bionic Woman. Because of the stuff I’ve done on Battlestar, it’s usually pretty easy to pick up.

Read the full interview here.

Bionic Woman Preview: Trust Issues

Here’s the official NBC preview for tonight’s new episode of Bionic Woman:

When an assassination plot of a controversial head of state on United States soil is discovered, Jonas (Miguel Ferrer) assigns Jaime (Michelle Ryan) and Antonio (Isaiah Washington) to thwart it. But when Jaime overhears a disturbing conversation by Antonio and the assassin, she is conflicted on whether she can trust her partner, which leads to a deadly confrontation.

Meanwhile, Tom (Jordan Bridges) and Jaime’s relationship moves forward and she invites him over to the house for dinner to meet Becca (Lucy Kate Hale).

Will Yun Lee is a Sexy Man

On Bionic Woman, Jae Kim is dangerous.

Bu the 32-year-old star actor who portrays this special agent is drop dead sexy. In fact, Will Yun Lee is featured in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue (Matt Damon took home the top honor).

Will Yun Lee Pic

In the article, Lee is asked what part of a bionic body would he most desire. His honest response?

“Bionic legs. Can any guy be trusted with bionic vision?”

Bionic Woman Ratings Continue Free Fall

Is anyone out there still watching Bionic Woman?

The latest ratings from Nielsen Media Research show that the showearned a 4.1 rating/6 share Wednesday night, causing it to finish tied for third with Kitchen Nightmares on Fox.

Puckering Up

The total number of viewers is now less than half what it was for the Bionic Woman series premiere. Ouch.

In the first week of the season, Bionic Woman pulled in an 8.4/13 in overnights, the best premiere of all the fall shows. Since then, ratings have fallen faster than Isaiah Washington’s reputation.

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